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  • Transmitter installation location

    Today we take the orifice plate differential pressure transmitter as an example to illustrate the installation position when they measure gas, liquid and steam. (1) Measure liquid medium When the transmitter measures the pressure or differential pressure of the liquid, it is mainly to prevent the...
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  • Transmitter installation

    1:Introduce Signal pressure The input signal pressure of the transmitter is generally introduced in three ways: ①through the straight-through terminal joint; ②through the waist flange; ③through the valve group. 1) Via feed-through terminal fittings Figure 5.1 shows the structure of the straight-...
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  • massage chair pressure sensor

    According to big data, health care products such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, massage chairs, etc. are very popular in the Spring Festival gifts every year. People are paying more and more attention to health.For example, massage chairs, a product of the combination of ancient ...
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  • IoT and Sensors

    The way in which IoT solutions play a key role in automation is based on the assumption that machines can operate in an autonomous and intelligent manner. What enables them to do so is the ability to process large volumes of collected data. The data that can be collected includes animations and v...
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  • Eddy Current Pressure Sensor

    A pressure sensor based on the eddy current effect. Eddy current effects are produced by the intersection of a moving magnetic field with a metallic conductor, or by the perpendicular intersection of a moving metallic conductor with the magnetic field. In short, it is caused by the effect of elec...
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  • Inductive pressure sensor

    The working principle of the inductive pressure sensor is that due to the different magnetic materials and permeability, when the pressure acts on the diaphragm, the size of the air gap changes, and the change of the air gap affects the change of the coil inductance.The processing circuit can con...
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  • Capacitive pressure sensor

    Capacitive pressure sensor is a pressure sensor that uses capacitance as a sensitive element to convert the measured pressure into a change in capacitance value.This kind of pressure sensor generally uses a circular metal film or a metal-plated film as an electrode of the capacitor.When the film ...
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  • Piezoresistive pressure sensor

    Piezoresistive pressure sensors are mainly based on the piezoresistive effect. The piezoresistive effect is used to describe the change in resistance of a material under mechanical stress.Unlike the piezoelectric effect, the piezoresistive effect only produces a change in impedance, not an electr...
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  • Piezoelectric pressure tranmitter

    Piezoelectric pressure transmitter is mainly based on the piezoelectric effect, which uses electrical components and other machinery to convert the pressure to be measured into electricity, and then performs related measurement work.Piezoelectric transmitters cannot be used in static measurement,...
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  • How to deal with intelligent pressure sensor data process and development

    How to deal with intelligent pressure sensor data process and development With the development of computers and measurement and control systems, sensor technology has also been further improved.As an emerging research direction, intelligent sensor system has attracted more and more researchers...
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  • Pressure measurement in food and beverage processing

    The production and processing of food and beverages are subject to strict laws, regulations and industry codes. The purpose of these rules and guidelines is to minimise the risk of harm to consumers from products containing potential foreign bodies or bacteria. The use of pressure gauges is an im...
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  • Oil pipeline pressure sensor

    Oil pipeline pressure sensor

    A large number of pressure transmitters are required in the control system of the petrochemical industry, such as oil fracturing, acidizing, cementing, oil pipeline transportation, and storage tank level measurement.The pressure transmitters produced by our company are all packaged in stainless s...
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