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  • Selection of pressure sensors

    1. How to select a pressure transmitter? Firstly, it is necessary to confirm what kind of pressure to measure Firstly, determine the maximum value of the measured pressure in the system. Generally, it is necessary to choose a transmitter with a pressure range that is about 1.5 times larger than t...
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  • Precautions for transmitter installation

    Pressure transmitter 1. Pressure and negative pressure measuring devices should not be installed in curved, corner, dead corner, or vortex shaped areas of the pipeline, as they are installed in the straight direction of the flow beam, which can cause distortion of the static pressure head. When i...
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  • Practical case study of pressure transmitters

      What are the common reasons why the temperature measurement point on the DCS operation screen turns white? (1) The clamp safety barrier is not powered or faulty (2) The site is not wired or the wiring is wrong (3) The measured temperature is out of range There is a pressure transmitter, which i...
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  • Daily maintenance of pressure transmitters

    During the use of pressure transmitters, attention should be paid to the following situations: Do not use a voltage higher than 36V on the transmitter as it may cause damage. Do not use hard objects to touch the diaphragm of the transmitter, as it may damage the diaphragm. The tested medium shou...
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  • The difference between sensors and pressure transmitters is …..

    A: Nowadays, sensors are composed of two parts, namely sensitive components and conversion components. The sensitive component refers to the part of the sensor that can directly sense or respond to the measured part; The conversion element refers to the part of a sensor that converts the measured...
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  • The difference between a pressure gauge and a pressure transmitter is。。。。。

    A: Pressure gauges are usually directly installed in pipelines, using the internal expansion tube to sense pressure and driving the gear mechanism to rotate the pointer to achieve the effect of displaying the pressure value   B: Pressure transmitters are generally used in industrial automati...
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  • Common faults of pressure transmitters

    When the pressure rises, the pressure transmitter cannot output: In this case, the pressure interface should be checked for air leakage or blockage. If it is confirmed that it is not, the wiring method should be checked. If the wiring is correct, the power supply should be checked again. If the ...
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  • Common faults of pressure sensors

    The transmitter has no output  1. 1: Check whether the power supply of the transmitter is reversed; Solution: Connect the power supply polarity correctly。 1.2: Measure the power supply of the transmitter to see if there is a 24V DC voltage; Solution: The power supply voltage supplied to the tr...
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  • How to choose a temperature sensor

    Human survival and social activities are closely related to temperature and humidity. With the realization of modernization, it is difficult to find an area that has nothing to do with temperature and humidity. Due to different application fields, the technical requirements for temperature and hu...
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  • Application of Fire Pressure Switch

    The working principle of the fire pressure sensor: under normal circumstances, the positive pressure blower sends air to the air shaft through the air duct, and the pressurized air is sent to the front room or stairwell of each floor through the shutters or air valves on each floor. When the vent...
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  • air handling system

    Available in various combinations, filters and regulators are a must for any machine. Consideration should also be given to the use of other devices that perform functions such as energy isolation, blocking, marking and lubrication. All pneumatic movements require clean, dry air with sufficient f...
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  • The function of fire pressure sensor

    Now people pay great attention to fire safety, and the country also has strict regulations on fire protection facilities. Now all kinds of fire-fighting supplies are becoming more and more advanced, and a lot of electronic technology has been applied. Next, the sensor expert network will introduc...
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