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  • Application of Melt Pressure Sensor in PS Extruder

    In PS extrusion lines, melt pressure sensors play an important role in improving melt quality, improving production safety, and protecting production equipment.At the same time, the melt pressure sensor is a very sensitive component, and only proper installation and maintenance can make it fully ...
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  • Common sensors in IoT

    In the era of the Internet of Everything, sensors are one of the most critical components.Sensors are used to collect data on everything from drones and cars to wearables and augmented reality headsets.Let me introduce to you 6 sensors that are widely used in the field of Internet of Things. Acco...
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  • Introduction to important sensors in automobiles

    The sensor on the car is the information source of the car electronic control system, the key component of the car electronic control system, and one of the core contents of the research in the field of car electronic technology.Automotive sensors perform real-time, accurate measurement and contr...
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  • The Magical Use of Air Pressure Sensors in Smartphones

    From functional phones to smart phones, mobile phones can achieve intelligence instead of just being a communication tool, relying on a variety of sensors.The touch screen of a smartphone uses a capacitive touch sensor;Mobile phone positioning and movement are gyroscopes and acceleration sensors;...
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  • Advantages of barometric pressure sensors in measuring altitude

    The air pressure sensor was first used in smartphones on the Galaxy Nexus, and some flagship Android phones later included this sensor, such as Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi 2 mobile phones, but everyone is still very concerned about the air pressure sensor. strangeness. Like the liter...
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  • Introduction of two common pressure switches

    The pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. The traditional pressure sensor is mainly based on the mechanical structure type device, and the pressure is indicated by the deformation of the elastic element. However, this structure is large in size and heavy in weig...
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  • Detail explanation of diffused silicon pressure sensor

    Pressure sensor is a kind of pressure sensor that can be used in steel, chemical and other fields to measure pressure, and can realize automatic pressure control when used together with pressure regulator. Diffusion Silicon Pressure Sensor /Introduction to the principle Diffusion silicon pressure...
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  • Application of Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor in Electronic Fuel Injection System

    In modern engines, the engine control module measures or calculates air flow through an air flow sensor or an intake manifold pressure sensor.The intake manifold absolute pressure sensor is used in the D-type EFI gasoline injection system. It is an important part of the D-type gasoline injection ...
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  • Advantages of constant pressure water supply pressure sensor

    Why do many people support electric contact pressure gauges for constant pressure water supply and do not support pressure transmitters?There is a misunderstanding. It’s not that it doesn’t support it, it’s more suitable!The constant pressure water supply pressure transmitter is...
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  • Application of Sensor in Fire-fighting Pipeline Water Pressure Detection System

    With the rapid development of urban scale, high-rise buildings are increasing.On the one hand, high-rise buildings have complex functions, dense personnel, and many modern facilities. Once a fire occurs, it is easy to produce chimney effect and wind effect, the fire spreads rapidly, and it is ver...
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  • Correct usage of high temperature melt pressure sensor

    Whether the high temperature melt pressure sensor is used correctly or not is related to the quality of the melt, and it also plays a good role in protecting the safety of production equipment and production.With proper installation and regular maintenance, pressure sensors can make a big differe...
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  • Sensor Design Points

    1. Generally, the measured physical quantity is very small, and usually also has the inherent conversion noise as the physical conversion element of the sensor. For example, the signal strength of the sensor under the magnification of 1 is 0.1~1uV, and the background noise signal at this time is ...
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